Here's Some Clarification On New Accusations That Drake Stole Beats For 'IYRTITL'

Two-9 member Jace seems to have had his hands on some 'IYRTITL' beats a long time ago.

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Last week, Two-9 member Jace hinted that the beats on Drake's "6 God" and "No Telling," both of which ended up on Drizzy's If You're Reading This It's Too Late mixtape, were in his hands first. Without directly calling anyone out, Jace tweeted two videos of songs he recorded over the production, though he later said he wasn't salty, but was pointing out the similarities. Both videos include Jace rapping over the songs, and he also points out the dates of the recordings— "6 God" being from last July and the other, from two years ago.

Today, producer SykSense gave some clarification on how the beats went from Jace to Drake. SykSense, who produced "6 God" with Boi-1da explains that Drake had the beat first but didn't let anyone know that he was going to use it until after Jace recorded a verse on the song, which was never meant to get out.


While that's cleared up, the story behind "No Telling," which was produced by Boi-1da and Frank Dukes, is still uncertain. Last month, Fader spoke with River Tiber, the artist that made the song that was sampled on "No Telling," though the interview didn't go into detail of when the beat was created. He did reveal, however, that Frank Dukes handled the sample for the beat, and Boi-1da came in and put the drums loops around it. Of course, this is not Drake's first time dealing with these accusations—remember, him and Diddy got into a fight in Miami that was supposedly about the ownership of the "0-100" beat, also done by Boi-1da, last year.

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