Chris Brown and Karrueche Reportedly Got Into a Screaming Match In a Restaurant Last Night

Breezy reportedly attempted to reunite their relationship last night.

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Just days after Karrueche said that her relationship with Chris Brown was officially over, the former couple has found themselves back in the news for negative reasons. According to TMZ, Breezy attempted to reunite with Karrueche last night when he reserved a table next to her at Playhouse nightclub in L.A., but things didn't go so well and she ended up leaving the club in anger. In a recent interview with Big Boy, Karrueche mentioned that she deliberately tries to avoid Chris whenever she is out in public, but it appears that is easier said than done. 

At some point after, Brown reportedly ended up in Karrueche's SUV where they continued to argue before she dropped him off at a friend's house nearby. Things then seemed to really escalate, as Breezy showed up at Karrueche's door in the middle of the night demanding to speak with her, which she eventually agreed to, but only if it was in a public place. They reportedly then met up at Norm's Diner where they got into a full blown screaming match that ended with her returning home without Chris. In the video below, you can see Brown attempting to get into the car with Karrueche and her entourage. 

This latest incident comes right after Brown recently threatened violence against Tyson Beckford for taking a selife in Las Vegas with Karrueche even though the relationship has been over. In the grand scheme of things, this is just another incident with Chris Brown that makes you think that he is probably never going to change or get the real help he needs. 

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