50 Cent Calls Diddy's New "Big Homie" Single Garbage

50 sure isn't holding back in these interviews.

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You know 50 Cent has an album on the way, and he sure is stirring up some controversy with his recent interviews. Just a day after he called his former G-Unit comrades, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, Troy Ave's hypemen, 50 is back today with his thoughts on Diddy's new single, "Big Homie." While talking to a Baltimore radio station, 50 shared a few thoughts on Diddy's track:

"You know Puff ain't got no music that you want to hear, that 'Big Homie' shit is garbage."

As you can see, 50 is not pulling any punches. After topping Forbes wealthiest artist of 2014 list yesterday, were not even sure these jabs will phase Puffy. 50's new album, Animal Ambition, is set to drop on June 3.

[via MTV]

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