50 Cent interviews are always entertaining, and this morning on Hot 97, Curtis was really dropping some gems. He talked about performing at Summer Jam this year and what fans can expect out of his set. He also explained about having the same flight as Ja Rule, and his beef with Rick Ross.

One of the more interesting parts of the interview was when the topic of New York hip-hop was brought up. 50 said he "likes the idea of Troy Ave," and that he hears a lot of himself in Troy's music. He also touched on Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks doing songs with Troy, calling them Troy's hypemen now, which he clarified was not a shot. Though 50 said it wasn't, calling two seasoned rap veterans hypemen for a relative newcomer certainly comes off as one—especially two rappers who he has worked extensively with in the past, and now appears to have fallen out with.

Update: Tony Yayo responded on Twitter this morning. 

If you weren't hip, former G-Unit members Yayo and Young Buck dropped a track last night, and 50's album, Animal Ambition, is set to drop on June 3.

Watch part of the interview above, and the rest of it below.

UPDATE: The Game reacts to the situation between Yayo and 50.

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