50 Cent is no stranger to beef, and is often viewed as the antagonist. Recently, we sat down with 50 Cent to discuss his Instagram account, where 50 has posted images that take shots at hip-hop figures like Diddy and Rick Ross. Also included in one of the photos was mogul Steve Stoute. 50 explained that it was the result of comments that Stoute made while on a press run.

Fif took the opportunity to voice his opinion on where he feels things stand between the two luminaries, using very choice words. He also went on to state that he feels journalists single him out, setting him up, ultimately leading to him being deemed the "bully."  From his perspective, he's simply responding to attacks from others. 50 Cent asks, "Do we say good for him? If I smack fire out of him in front of everybody at Madison Square Garden? Or do they go, 'Oh man, why 50 do that? He bullied him.'"