Here’s Your First Look at BET’s 'Death Row Chronicles’ Docuseries

BET's 'Death Row Chronicles' follows the rise and fall of the infamous Suge Knight.

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Death Row Records and its CEO, Suge Knight, have been at the center of controversy since the music label's inception in the early '90s. Now, BET is set to tell the label's story in a six-part series titled Death Row Chronicles.

The sneak peak (above) includes appearances from Kurupt, Michel'le Toussaint, Gary Ballen (A&R for Ruthless Records), Jake Brown, author of Suge Knight, and Death Row Security Detail Mob James McDonald as they talk about the infamous CEO.

In the clip, the interviewees discuss Knight's character and what made him such an unstoppable force. In one scene, the video shows an alleged encounter between Suge Knight and Eazy-E where he forced the rhymer to sign over Dr. Dre, The D.O.C., and Michel'le​'s contracts by threatening E's mother.

"It's called a street instinct," said Toussaint, who was married to Knight for six years before they divorced in 2005. "He never went for the little man, he always went for the big guy. You don't rob the person who's selling the dope​ on the street. You rob the person who has the dope."

One of Knight's former employees also spoke on his "gangsterism." 

"Suge was one of us," said McDonald. "He wasn't no CEO. He wasn't no tie behind no desk. He was a thug just like everybody else. Gangsterism isn't even a word but I'ma say that right now. He took gangsterism to a different level."

He's not wrong. Knight is currently on trial for murder and allegedly threatening witnesses from behind the bars.

Death Row Chronicles is scheduled to air part one and part two on Tuesday, Feb 20 at 10 p.m. EST. on BET.

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