Young Dolph Wants People to Stop Asking Him About ‘Lame’ Yo Gotti Feud

Dolph talks 'Thinking Out Loud,' success, the shooting, Yo Gotti, and more on 'Breakfast Club.'

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If you're not still spinning Young Dolph's Thinking Out Loud on a regular basis, get the fuck out. The Bulletproof follow-up arrived mere weeks after Dolph was seriously injured in a shooting in Hollywood and arguably features his strongest work to date, bolstered by top-shelf production from Drumma Boy and Mike Will Made-It.

Wednesday, Dolph joined The Breakfast Club for a chat about the new album, his relationship with Yo Gotti, the shooting, how being raised by his grandmother affected his life, and much more.

"Hell yeah," Dolph said around the 2:13 mark in the video up top when asked if he was enjoying life. "I've been enjoying life for a while. I'm through buying cars. I'm through buying jewelry … I got a seven-month-old daughter. I'm in a whole 'nother space right now." As for his relationship with his own parents, Dolph said he felt resentment toward them "for a long time" until he got out in the world. "Everything I know and everything I got, I had to teach myself," he said.


Later in the interview (around the 23:05 mark), the Gotti topic was introduced. Dolph questioned the date of the text messages Gotti showed off during his recent Breakfast Club appearance and kept reiterating that he didn't want to delve too deeply into the topic. "I'm sick of that," he said. "The whole situation is lame. The group of people, everything. It's not even in my category. It's like, a text message from 2012? I can't even keep up with a bitch from 2012. I ain't got no girl's number from 2012. I ain't got no pair of shoes from 2012. But aside from that, 2012? That's when Gotti was trying to sign Dolph."

As for the two having a conversation, Dolph declined. "I ain't finna be beefing back and forth about no girl, bruh," he said. "I'm not doing that."

Ultimately, Dolph said later (26:12), it's a matter of respect. "I can't sit and fake and act like it's all good. I can't do it."

Catch the full interview up top. Thinking Out Loud is available now via the usual outlets.

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