YesJulz Dropped From 2 Events After Tweeting N-Word Image

YesJulz has apologized after a recent tweet that included an image of a t-shirt featuring the n-word drew backlash.

Social media star and brand influencer YesJulz has been dropped from two events in Toronto after she tweeted an image of a shirt featuring the n-word. In the original tweet, which has since been deleted, Julz said, "So…am I allowed to wear this shirt at the festival tomorrow or nah 👀." The tweet was accompanied with a photo of the t-shirt in question, drawing backlash across social media:

In back-to-back tweets Thursday night, Julz apologized and said she was "calling out" someone who had suggested she wear the T-shirt. "I clearly wouldn't wear it," she added. 

Julz also addressed the tweet on Snapchat. "At this point, it was just important to me to acknowledge the fact that I understand what I put out there was wrong, in every way, shape, or form," she said:

XXXTentacion defended Julz, saying he was tired of seeing "sensitive shit."

In light of the tweet, two previously scheduled events in Toronto have removed Julz from the lineup:

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