Troy Ave on Snitching Claims: 'At What Point Is It Snitching If You Talking About Yourself?'

Troy Ave says he's been making lemonade out of life's lemons "damn near my whole life."

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Troy Ave, who was given the Donkey of the Day title by Charlamagne tha God last week, made an appearance on the Breakfast Club Monday morning. During the 46-minute interview, Ave discussed his thoughts on how he's portrayed in the press and went deep on the lyrics to his recent "2 Legit 2 Quit" single.

"I ain't tripping," Ave said of the coverage surrounding his most recent Breakfast Club visit. "It all come with the territory. I always take lemons and make lemonade. I've been doing that damn near my whole life, so I definitely wasn't happy with it. But it was good because it showed me a lot. They say you gotta go through some shit to get to some shit. Sometimes certain moves that you make expose certain people."

As for whether or not he believes listeners "hate" him, Ave pointed out the counter-responses he's noticed on negative articles about him. "I wouldn't say, I don't think that people hate Troy Ave," he said around the 4:50 mark in the video up top. "You can see, like, if you just look on social media, you'll see more support if you take the time to look. Not the person who might write the article. They might be the actual person that gets seen but all under they comments, it'll be people that support Troy Ave. I think, I really think, man, listen: Why do they hate Jesus? Not comparing myself to God or anything . . . You know they gonna put 'Troy Ave Compares Himself to Jesus.'"


Ave also said the headline-making lyrics (and video) for "2 Legit 2 Quit," particularly the "middle finger from the stand" bit, follow the same writing approach he's always used. "I mean, if you talk about your life and everything you go through, I been doing that," he said around the 7:50 mark. "At what point is it snitching if you talking about yourself? You talking about your real life. I been doing it. I been talking about the same things over and over. Because this is more publicized, now you wanna say that's something?

The lyrics, he added, "sparked a debate":

"Eight out of 10 people would be, like, you know what I'm saying? I'm not talking about my case but just in general eight out of 10 people would be like 'I'm not going to jail for somebody else' . . . Not for somebody else. I believe that if it's you and a friend and y'all have an agreement as a man, 'Yo, let's go ahead, rob this bank,' which you shouldn't be doing, but if you do it and one of y'all get caught then you don't tell on your man. That's your peoples. But if somebody come in this room right now, I'mma get y'all opinion on it, if y'all come to work, do your job, somebody come in this room, shoot Charlamagne in the face, shoot Envy, you run out, Envy fights, he get the gun. Then they say, 'Hey, Envy you gonna go to jail because you killed Charlamagne and it's your gun.' What are you gonna do?"

Watch the full discussion up top. Charlamagne did not participate.

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