The Weeknd Caught on Camera Hanging With New Girl Post-Selena Gomez Breakup

We already know you're going to leave a comment that says "Who cares?"

A human was observed having a good time with another human at a place known for inspiring good times to be had Monday night.

The Weeknd, reportedly fresh off a split from Selena Gomez, hit up a launch party for the 21 Savage x Metro Boomin x Offset collab project Without Warning in Toronto Monday night. Social media footage overdramatically shared by TMZ Tuesday morning shows the Weeknd dancing with an unidentified woman, and there's a very real chance I'm going to fall asleep before the end of this sentence.

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Monday, I and several other self-loathing writers were tasked with trying to squeeze out hundreds of clickable words about the Weeknd and Selena Gomez reportedly calling shit off after roughly 10 months of whatevering. People, a consistent provider of Very Important Content, cited "multiple sources" as having confirmed to them that the Weeknd and Gomez were no longer a thing. Apparently, the two had been "going back and forth for a few months" about the status of their relationship. As anyone who's ever been in a relationship can attest, such periods of "back and forth" generally result in the end of a relationship, allowing all involved parties to go about their lives in a presumably more enjoyable fashion.

Despite it all, the Weeknd will continue his Starboy World Tour in Detroit, Michigan Wednesday night. Gomez, meanwhile, was just named Billboard's 2017 Woman of the Year. "Not only is Selena soaring on the charts, but she continuously inspires young women everywhere to be authentic, give back, and to not be afraid to use their voice," John Amato, THR-Billboard Media Group boss, said Tuesday.

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