Speaker Knockerz’s Mother Addresses Speculation Over 19-Year-Old Artist's Tragic 2014 Death

It's been nearly 10 years since the death of 19-year-old Speaker Knockerz. However, his undeniable influence is still apparent across music.

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Nearly a decade after the untimely death of Speaker Knockerz, the 19-year-old’s influence is still apparent across music.

In a new interview, the artist’s mother Mesha Wilson—also known as Mama Knockerz—spoke at length about her son’s dedication to his craft. She also addressed continued speculation surrounding his death, noting that “95 percent” of reports she’s seen have been inaccurate.

“I’ve learned a lot, you know, listening to and reading some of the things that people say,” Wilson said during the Drea O Show discussion, as seen about 26 minutes into the video above. “It’s like, whatever they put out in the media that people believe in and then when I see some of the things that they say, it’s not true at all. Like, 95 percent of the things that they say is not true. My son did not die of any type of drug substance or anything like that and he did not have a heart attack. I just want to clear that up. That’s not what happened to him.”

Wilson later reiterated that ‘“none of the stuff that they’re saying out there is the truth” when it comes to her son’s passing.

“When the toxicology came back, those things were not there,” Wilson said. She did not elaborate much further on her son’s death, except to say “that portion” of his life is not something she’s currently ready to discuss in detail.

Earlier into the discussion, Wilson looked back on her earliest memories of her son’s love of the creative process and pointed to the time he spent with his father as particularly crucial for his artistic development. Speaker Knockerz’ dad, notably, was a musician and producer in his own right.

See the full interview, which was released on the nine-year anniversary of Speaker Knockerz’ death, via the video up top.

The last song Speaker Knockerz released prior to his death was “Erica Kane,” which was given a posthumously shared music video in May 2014.

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