Scooter Braun on Working With Kanye Again: 'We're Not Going to Use the Word Manager'

Scooter Braun now sees himself as more of a "partner" in Kanye West's work. He also isn't sweating West's tweets, as he's more worried about that doofus in the White House.

The term "manager" is unequivocally lame, and almost always reminds me of this guy at Dunkin Donuts who once told me I had to choose between microwaving breakfast sandwiches for cretins or going to Atlanta for a weekend of artful debauchery. I clocked out for lunch that day and never went back, so I totally get where Kanye West is coming from when it comes to his anti-management views. 


Anyway, top-tier Some Other Word for Manager Scooter Braun hit the Guardian with a new interview Thursday, featuring some candid thoughts on West, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and more. Braun's working relationship with West is now "back on," though the word "manager" is no longer being used.

"[West] called me up and said 'We've had a great thing for the last couple of years. And [in] the last two weeks, I think, a lot of things have got out of hand, and we're brothers—come help,'" Braun said. "I really do love the guy. We'll see how long it lasts, but I'll always be a friend to him. We're not going to use the word 'manager'—it's not a word that he likes, nor does it really describe our relationship."

Braun added that he sees himself as more of an "adviser" and "partner" in West's work.

As for West's pre-Ye pro-Trump fuckery and widely trashed slavery comments, Braun believes mental health may have contributed to the delivery of a message he claims is more understandable when talking to West in person. Ultimately, Braun is "more concerned with the president of the United States being on social media than I am with Kanye West."

For Braun's full chat, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here.

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