Mustard Shares Revised List of 10 Studio Rules for 'All You Haters on the Internet'

Previously, Mustard took some heat for the No. 1 proposed rule, which saw the producer saying "ugly" people would not be allowed in the creative space.


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Mustard has updated his reactions-amassing list of studio rules, which infamously opened with the pronouncement “DO NOT COME IN HERE IF YOU’RE FUCKING UGLY.”

In the updated list, shared Monday, Mustard dropped the “fucking” but kept the “ugly” for rule No. 1. The 10 Summers founder shared the 2.0 edition of his studio policies after responding to a number of critical remarks he received via Instagram comments, many of which took specific issue with the “ugly” rule, as well as the stated gym-hitting requirement.

In an italicized message preceding the unveiling of the updated list of rules, Mustard said this tweaked assortment was for “all you haters on the internet that’ll prolly never ever make it to my studio.”

The list indeed opens with “DO NOT COME IN MY STUDIO IF YOU UGLY.” From there, Mustard again advises against gym-averse studio visitors and “negative Nancy bitch shit.” 

Also receiving special mentions in the list of rules are laziness, favor-asking, and small talk. The edicts are largely the same as the previous version shared by Mustard, albeit with some slight rewording and the addition of mini-explainers beneath each. 

One of the biggest amendments in terms of sheer volume of text is attached to the “ugly” opener, with Mustard claiming the rule “has nothing to do with how you look” but is instead all about “the energy” of what a person is putting out.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original rundown Mustard’s studio rules:

And here’s the revised edition:


Prior to the unveiling of his debate-spurring rules of creativity, Mustard linked with Bino Rideaux and BlueBucksClan for the single “Creepin.” Revisit the video below.

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