MGK and Trippie Redd Get Into It With Producer Who Claimed Beat Was Set to Be in 'Worst Song I’ve Ever Heard'

According to Trippie, the beat placement in question has been removed from his and MGK's new album, out Friday.

Two musicians sit side by side at an event, one in a bright yellow hoodie and the other in a patterned grey jacket
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Two musicians sit side by side at an event, one in a bright yellow hoodie and the other in a patterned grey jacket

Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd, now mere hours away from rolling out their joint project genre:sadboy, recently got into it with a producer who said their alleged beat placement on the album would be part of “the worst song I’ve ever heard.”

There's a good chance you're already privy to the tweet in question, which saw @kaixan2k telling followers they had "just learned" of their placement on the release.

"[T]he way I just learned I have a beat placement in this this morning and I know it's bout to be the worst song I've ever heard," the Twitter user wrote, later noting that they "rarely produce."

Promotional image of Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd for their song "Generic2k."
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Both Trippie and MGK ultimately caught wind of this, though it was the former who engaged in the vast majority of responses. Namely, Trippie informed the producer they had now been "removed from the album." As MGK explained whilst employing the clown face emoji, this individual had "played himself for twitter likes."

It's at this point that a claim of having been "paid in advance" was made, although Trippie later disputed this.

Tweets between Trippie Redd and Machine Gun Kelly discussing a music collaboration with an excited response from a fan
Trippie Redd in a casual black tee, responding to a tweet with a humorous comment

From there, @kaixan2k clarified that their issue was not with Trippie, specifically, and asked that anyone following this mini-debacle to "please redirect Trippie hate" to MGK instead.

Screenshots of tweets discussing the influence of major label placements in the music industry
Tweet by user Kai discussing an initial SoundCloud upload, surprised by it being Trippie Redd's song without 6ix9ine, shows a SoundCloud screenshot
Two tweets by user kai with messages promoting positivity and redirection of negativity

Meanwhile, MGK rejoined the discussion once more, albeit briefly and textlessly. As seen below, the Tickets to My Downfall artist simply shared a GIF of himself saying, "You're maaaaad."

Close-up of Machine Gun Kelly laughing with overlaid text "YOU'RE MAAAAD."

Deeper into the back-and-forth, the would-be genre:sadboy producer shared a purported image of "rollout instructions" for the album, including their original tweet. Trippie later responded to the image, slamming it as "fake ass shit" made by the producer. Trippie has also pushed for proof of the aforementioned payment, at one point offering to double the alleged amount if proven.

Text from a social media post teasing a music rollout plan, with dates and humorous instructions for an album release
A screenshot of social media profiles discussing a music album release and critical comments about it
Tweet by Trippie Redd questioning if payment was received, asking for proof, stating all else is irrelevant
Screenshot of a tweet from Trippie Redd addressing @kaixan2k, challenging proof of payment and mentioning a project release tomorrow
Two Twitter posts debating the authenticity of a reported 'beef' between users
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