Watch Lil Nas X Get Stunned Into Silence on ‘The Eric Andre Show’

Lil Nas X was brave enough to step into the Andy Kaufman-esque world of Eric André for the show's Season 666 premiere.

Video via Adult Swim

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Video via Adult Swim

Lil Nas X will enter the relentlessly absurd and consistently hilarious world of Eric André next month.

In a teaser clip from the upcoming sixth season of The Eric Andre Show, which was previously (and rightfully) dubbed Season 666 by the show’s team, X is seen being welcomed to the characteristically uncomfortable set for a would-be chat that’s quickly derailed. It’s difficult to put into words what, exactly, transpires here—such is the nature of this Adult Swim gem—but I’ve done my best below.

After introducing X and noting that his chosen outfit makes it seem as though he’s “gonna fuck a motorcycle through a Tron remake,” our revered host is faced with a question of his own from the guest.

“Hey, do you believe in the illuminati?” X is seen asking, at which point André's desk temporarily roars to life by way of what looks like a group of hands pressing against a skin-like wrap of some sort. Due to the inherent terror of such imagery, X is clearly left without words, though he does manage to let out a few instances of “What?” after André grows increasingly fucked up thanks to an apparent gas being emitted from his microphone.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” X asks deeper into the clip.

See more up top. The Eric Andre Show returns on June 4.

For those not familiar, the show is perhaps best described as being Andy Kaufman-esque performance, albeit cranked to 11.

“Expect more deranged pranks, fire, and chaos in Season 666 with a jam-packed schedule of celebrities I can’t believe agreed to this,” André previously said when teasing what to expect this season.

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