Layzie Bone Continues Migos Beef With New Song "Annihilation"

Layzie Bone is bringing his Migos issues with him into the new year.

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One thing that will apparently be following us into 2019 is Bone Thugz-N-Harmony's publicly detailed uneasiness regarding Migos' confidence as "the biggest group in the world."

Friday, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugz shared another indirectly Migos-targeting diss track titled "Annihilation." The track, now available via your preferred streaming service, opens with a pitched down laugh and sees Layzie declaring eventual annihilation "a must." Additionally, Layzie spends a chunk of the third verse wondering why an unnamed opponent is so skilled at "evading."

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Last week, Layzie Bone demanded an apology from 21 Savage, who notably assessed his previous diss "Let Me Go Migo" to be "wack as a motherfucker" and possibly "the weakest diss song" he's ever heard. "I want that apology, my n***a," Layzie, reiterating a proposition he previously mentioned on wax, said. "If I can’t get it, let's get in the ring. Let's do it right. Let's fight it out. We about the same size. If you need time to train, I'll give you time to train."

Migos, meanwhile, have mostly stayed silent aside from a quick chiming in from Offset earlier in December.

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