Kodak Black Challenges Lil Wayne to Fight: 'I'm Finna Knock That Stupid Ass N**** Out'

Kodak Black, inspired by the ongoing Soulja Boy and Chris Brown dispute, has challenged Lil Wayne to join him in the boxing ring.

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Kodak Black, inspired by the apparently real boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, has challenged Lil Wayne to join him in the ring. On Monday night, Kodak Black took to Instagram to share his video challenge while tagging XXL, Worldstar, and the Shade Room for proper distribution of the news:

"Tell Lil Wayne, fight me," Kodak said. "We finna get in the ring, we finna fight. Me and Lil Wayne. I'm finna knock that stupid ass n**** out." The catch? If Weezy secures a victory, Kodak Black will concede that he's still the best. "If he whoop me, he the best rapper alive," Kodak said Monday.

Previously, Kodak challenged Lil Wayne to eat his ass:

"I swear to God I didn't know you were saying people’s names just now, so that should probably answer that question. I just do my own thing."

Kodak also shared some Wayne criticism back in December, hitting the tweets to declare himself the "best fucking rapper" currently living:

Wayne, however, may not even know who Kodak Black is. During a chat with the New York Times in October, Wayne was asked whether he kept up with new school rappers like Kodak, 21 Savage, and Lil Yachty. This was Wayne's response: 

We now await Wayne's response to Kodak's boxing match challenge.

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