Kanye West Promotes 2020 Campaign Merch During VP Debate

The 2020 campaign merch in question runs as high as $200 for a hat and hoodie bundle. It is mathematically impossible for West to win the election.


Image via Getty/SAUL LOEB/AFP


For whatever reason, this is going to be an article with the sole purpose of further drawing unnecessary attention to Kanye West's most recent tweets, namely the ones about so-called campaign merch. 

Notably, West shared this merch teases (and linked to the official Kanye 2020 site) amid Wednesday night's VP debate that most compellingly saw a fly steal the show. Though you could just as easily seek the tweets out on your own, they've been embedded below and offer glimpses at the merch including a black VOTE KANYE hoodie and a pair of hats.

In one clip, West is seen watching the debate via a projector while holding the hats over the heads of Harris and Pence. Someone, somewhere, is probably actively mistaking this clip as some sort of profound statement.

As for the site, it reveals the prices for the pieces, which run from $40 for a VOTE hat all the way up to $200 for a bundle that includes a hoodie and a 2020 Vision hat. The site also includes West's purported "platform," which is broken down in a numbered list that includes a selection of bible verses. 

And as for the actual election, Thursday morning was punctuated by back-to-back developments regarding the upcoming second presidential debate between Biden and Trump. Shortly after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the next one would opt for a virtual format due to reasons that are surely obvious to those with an operable brain, Trump hopped on the phone with Fox News to publicly back out of the event. Instead, according to his campaign manager, he's going to hold another (presumably mask-averse) rally.

Later Thursday, West tweeted to let everyone know he had sold over 6,100 orders for an $864,980 gross. People like the purple hats the best.

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