Kanye West Apparently Played Charlamagne tha God Some New Music in Calabasas

Play some new music for me next. I'm only a few miles away.

Charlamagne tha God has been fortunate enough to become part of a presumably tiny group of people to have heard select cuts from Kanye West's upcoming new album, at least according to the noted TMZ-ers over at TMZ.

"He heard some shit," West told some of TMZ's paid annoyers Wednesday night when bothered outside his Calabasas office. All told, according to this unnamed sources-citing report, Charlamagne was able to hear "a good portion" of the album. As you can see above, West also popped up on Charlemagne's Instagram. A one-on-one Charlamagne x Kanye interview is reportedly in the can too.


All signs do indeed point to new West music being quite imminent. Most notably, West has returned to Twitter to deliver daily bursts of inspiration for fellow creatives. "When you first wake up, don't hop right on the phone or the internet or even speak to anyone for even up to an hour if possible," West said Wednesday, shortly before dropping what I interpreted as a nod to Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here. "Just be still and enjoy your own imagination. It's better than any movie."

Back in March, an assortment of potential collaborators—including Travis Scott and King Louie—assembled in Wyoming for what very much looked like some seclusion-assisted recording sessions. Later, the group was vastly improved by the presence of Kid Cudi. New music soon come?

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