Judge Finds Tory Lanez in Violation of Protective Order in Megan Thee Stallion Felony Assault Case

Tuesday marked the rescheduled date for a pre-trial hearing. Recently, Megan Thee Stallion blasted those spreading "false narratives” about the case.

tory lanez handcuffed court

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tory lanez handcuffed court

Tory Lanez was cuffed in court and remanded to custody in connection with the Megan Thee Stallion assault case on Tuesday.

Per initial on-the-ground updates from reporter Nancy Dillon, Judge David V. Herriford of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County first heard almost an hour of arguments regarding social media activity from Lanez, with the ultimate determination being that some of the artist’s tweets “seem to be clear messages” directed at Megan. Lanez was found to have violated a protective order, and more, with a new bail reported to have been set at $350,000.

Dillon later reported that Lanez’s bail was posted and that the rapper was in the process of being released from custody. 

Bail bondsman just left after posting the new $350,000 amount, an increase from $250,000. Lanez should be released soon. His father still waiting outside courtroom. This all happens in courthouse.

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

A trial start date is currently scheduled for Sept. 14. As previously reported, Tuesday marked the rescheduled date for a postponed pre-trial hearing in the case.

Tory Lanez was handcuffed in court and remanded to custody until he posts new bail of $350,000 in Megan Thee Stallion felony assault case. Judge found him in violation of discovery protective order and personal contact order.

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

Judge David Herriford heard nearly an hour of argument about Lanez's tweets and said some "seem to be clear messages" to Megan. He added new condition to Lanez's release that he's "not to mention the complaining witness in this case in any social media." Trial date set for 9/14.

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

A subsequent Rolling Stonereport added more context on Tuesday’s hearing, including the mention of a certain DJ Akademiks tweet. See more below, as well as here, via Dillon.

“The DA requested no bail, or in the alternative, $5 million bail, and the court rejected those arguments and increased bail to $350,000. And that bail is being posted now,” Lanez's lawyer Shawn Holley tells Rolling Stone.

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

Lanez's lawyer, Shawn Holley, argued that Lanez did not provide DJ Akademiks with any discovery in the case before Akademiks tweeted that "Tory Lanez DNA was not found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case.”

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

Holley confirmed the swab on the gun came back "inconclusive" with 4 contributors while the magazine swab "excluded" Lanez.

"If he had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right," Holley said in court.

— Nancy Dillon (@Nancy__Dillon) April 5, 2022

Back in February, Megan Thee Stallion—who recently took to the Oscars stage for an Encanto-celebrating performance—shut down a court hearing-related claim which had started making the rounds on social media at the time.

“Y’all got breaking news 15 minutes before court started and nobody has even been called in yet??” Megan said when addressing an ultimately deleted tweet from DJ Akademiks. “Y’all tryna win a social media campaign this is MY REAL LIFE! Y’all tryna get retweets SPREADING FALSE NARRATIVES!”

Speaking more generally about how easily such claims are able to spread, Megan pointed out that “nobody even cares to read.” Frequent Megan collaborator LilJuMadeDaBeat later echoed these remarks, saying in a tweet that social media had “made y’all dumb af.”

Amid the controversy, a rep for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement to Complex that the office was “under an ethical duty to only proceed on charges” they believe can be proved beyond reasonable doubt, though they are not legally able to comment on specific evidence.

The above-referenced moment didn’t mark the first instance of quickly refuted claims circulating about the case. Last year, for example, it was falsely stated on social media that charges had been dropped.

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