Joyner Lucas Raps God Should Bring Back Back Nipsey and 2Pac in "Devil's Work" Video

Joyner questions why Nipsey Hussle, among others, is ripped from their life while people like Trump are allowed to persist.

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For his latest, Joyner Lucas imagines a conversation with a higher power in which he pleads for them to reconsider their "cherry-picking" method of death.

The video places Lucas in a church surrounded by photos of R. Kelly, Donald Trump, Suge Knight, and more. In the lyrics, Lucas wonders why, for example, someone like Nipsey Hussle's life is ended while Trump lives.

Lucas also questions the deaths of 2Pac, Biggie, Eazy-E, XXXTentacion, Big Pun, Aaliyah, Malcolm X, Selena, MLK, Lil Snupe, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Sandra Bland:

We don't need to die young, we just need chances

Included in Lucas' roundup of people he lyrically offers up to a higher power instead are Trump, Suge Knight, Martin Shkreli, R. Kelly, Eric Holder, George Zimmerman, Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Tomi Lahren, and Laura Ingraham:

Send them suckers straight to hell, they don’t need a vigil

The latter notably received widespread backlash earlier this year following her distasteful remarks about Nipsey Hussle.

"Am I the only one who feels this way?" Lucas asked fans when sharing "Devil's Work" Thursday. See the full video up top.

Lucas has mined his relatable Trump disgust for his work before, including in his 2017 single "I'm Not Racist." In January, Lucas expressed his conviction that the track ultimately laid the groundwork for Childish Gambino's 2018 hit "This Is America."

Speaking with Billboard, Lucas said his video "changed a lot of things" by opening up a conversation. "Like I pushed the envelope for people like Childish Gambino to come out and make 'This Is America,'" he said. "I feel like I made him comfortable enough to make a record like that."

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