Jaden Smith Goes to Prom Dressed as Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith donned his superhero business casual best for a prom on Saturday night, instantly making proms kind of cool again.

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Like so many others, I have mourned the loss of Jaden Smith's impeccable Twitter philosophizing with steady resolve. For some, unchecked cynicism gets in the way of really appreciating Jaden's presence among a sea of phonies. I mean — the guy is 16 and already has more advanced thoughts on the death of gender norms and the rise of self-guided intellect than people two or three times his age.

We were actually overdue for a Jaden (re)appearance — somewhere, somehow — and now we have one. Twitter was afire this morning with pictures and Snapchat screenshots of Jaden Smith casually reinventing the bizarrely melodramatic rite of passage known by average citizens as "prom." True to form, Jaden donned a coke-white crusader outfit (looks similar to the Batman suit from the Kimye wedding) beneath a tastefully upsized blazer and tall laceless boots.

Check the highlights below, and join me in my wish that Jaden would hurry up and write an experimental novel about the perks of keeping fame whimsical.


woooooow Jaden Smith was at my friends prom 😢💙 pic.twitter.com/juBkJBWv1x

— 🫧baby bakes🫧 (@bakerbakerr_) May 17, 2015


Jaden smith was at prom pic.twitter.com/T2HvOx4FXe

— Tae💫 (@taewest) May 17, 2015


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