Marvin Gaye's Family Gives Dr. Dre Go-Ahead for Biopic

Many have attempted to get a proper Marvin Gaye biopic off the ground in the past, but Dre's actually sounds promising. In fact, he's already bagged music rights.

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Dr. Dre, who apparently has hundreds of thousands of songs just hanging out in a vault somewhere, is currently working to bring a Marvin Gaye biopic into existence.

Dre, according to a report from Variety Monday, is now in the "early stages" of putting the production together. Most notable, however, is the fact that Dre has already reportedly secured the rights to Gaye's music via Sony/ATV. While F. Gary Gray and James Gandolfini have been behind previous efforts at getting a Gaye biopic in motion, Dre's marks the first time the Gaye family has given the go-ahead. A Jamie Foxx-backed limited TV series secured rights back in 2016 but has since stalled.

This March, the Gaye estate came out on top in the controversial "Blurred Lines" case appeal. A $5.3 million judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams was upheld by a 2-1 federal appeals court vote, citing so-called "broad copyright protection." 

Dre also wrapped a recent legal battle of his own, though the similarities end there. Back in May, Dre's attempt at blocking "Doctor Drai OBGYN and Media Personality" was dismissed by the trademark office. Dre had been concerned that the 20 Things You May Not Know About the Penis author's branding might confuse consumers. In my opinion, all of that would actually make a damn fine movie of its own. This is my formal request for someone to pay me to make that exact movie.

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