Anderson .Paak stopped by Power 106 in Los Angeles to talk about everything from finally having an actual video budget for his single "Bubblin'" to giving back to the community and working on his upcoming album with Dr. Dre, who apparently works entirely on his own schedule.

"I thought I was gonna go home, get some rest and he's like 'Can you pull up bro? I want you to hear something,'" .Paak said. "It was like 1 in the morning. I went over there he was working on some stuff, a room full of people. He was like 'You feelin it?' I was like 'It's cool.' He was like 'Nah, I'mma find something else.'"

In addition to playing tracks specifically for .Paak's project, Dre apparently also has tons of songs he's just sitting on and will play randomly, according to the singer. "Dre has hundreds of thousands of songs," he explained, going on to playfully say he's tried to get some of the beats for himself. "I'm like 'What you doin' with that? Gimme that joint, you not gon' use that shit. Give me that.'"

He went on to talk about his Paak House in the Park event, which he confirmed he plans to make a yearly thing with live performances, food vendors, free backpacks, haircuts and more. "All for the community, all for the underprivileged families. We did it all, man. It was a beautiful thing," he explained about last year's concert, which included performances from Jhene Aiko, Raphael Saadiq, Isiah Rashad, and more.

"That was one of the first times I've ever really just selflessly gave and it just felt amazing. I was addicted to it," he explained."The people around me were like 'Yo man, you got this platform, you got all these things going on you might as well give back, show the community some love' see the people, their faces, and how they were affected. Little things changed lives."

Watch the full clip above.