Doja Cat Blames Energy Drink After Nearly Getting Into Beef With Another Artist Over 'Really Bad Impression'

Doja says she "just can't drink" Celsius and blames the beverage for her near-beef with an unnamed artist.

doja cat in a hat at an event
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doja cat in a hat at an event

Doja Cat blames Celsius energy drinks for nearly getting her “into a beef” with a fellow artist over her "really bad impression" of them.

During a recent conversation with Lyle Drescher, a.k.a. Therapy Gecko, Doja said she “just can’t drink” Celsius, pointing to the impression incident as an example of why.

"So I have a really crazy Celsius story," Doja, dressed in similarly gecko-inspired attire as the host, said. "I almost got into a beef because of Celsius. I blame the Celsius. It’s not me. So I was singing a song and, like, doing the voice of somebody else with the song. Like, I filmed myself doing the song in a crazy voice and it was my really bad impression of that person and people took it super wrong. They thought that I was, like, trying to start or cause drama and issues when really I was just being a fucking asshole. Just being dumb."

Doja Cat talks to the Therapy Gecko about the time she almost beefed with another artist after doing an impression of them.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) February 16, 2024

Naturally, fans were quick to point to a years-old Instagram clip in which Doja jokes she’s going to “get canceled” amid her playful impression of Cardi B, specifically her 2019 single “Press.”

I cannot stop watching Doja Cat make fun of Press by Cardi

— robert (@destinysfchild) August 6, 2019

To be clear, Doja has also done impressions of other artists. Back in 2021, for example, she went live on IG and did impressions of SZA, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé’s “cough-laugh,” Cher, Britney Spears, and more.

“That’s the thing with impressions is you better be fucking good,” she told fans at the time. “And I don’t think I’m that good, so it’s not fair. I just get in trouble.”

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Next for Doja is a deluxe-ified version of her excellent 2023 album Scarlet. As Doja revealed to Therapy Gecko on Thursday, the deluxe album will carry the title Claude Frollo, the same name as the Hunchback of Notre Dame character voiced by the late Tony Jay.

“I feel like it connects to the story of Scarlet in some way,” Doja said of the title. “If you look up [the character's] personality traits and who he is and his story, you’ll understand kind of the whole connection. There’s, like, a control aspect. He just abuses his power and his control and is just, like, dogmatic and is just a total cunt.”

It's not clear when the album will arrive. However, per Doja, it will boast "roughly" seven or eight new songs.

.@DojaCat reveals new details on the Therapy Gecko podcast about the deluxe edition of her album #Scarlet, which comes out soon. 👀

— Doja HQ (@DojaHQs) February 16, 2024

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