DJ Mustard Praises Ella Mai: 'I Refer to Her as the GOAT'

DJ Mustard signed Ella Mai to his own 10 Summers label back in 2016. Now, Mustard is opening up about the limitless potential he sees in Mai as an artist.

ella mai
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ella mai

Ella Mai's "Boo'd Up" recently got yet another boost when T-Pain dropped what is fairly inarguably the track's strongest remix to date. According to DJ Mustard, however, Mai is just getting started.

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In an interview with Billboard Monday, Mustard—who signed Mai to his 10 Summers label back in 2016—elaborated on the potential he's seen in her since the moment they started working together. "I don't think she has a ceiling," Mustard said. "I refer to her as 'The GOAT,' because people have yet to see what she can do and how talented she is. I think with me and her working closely together like we do and with her being signed to me, that's like my prodigy."


Mustard also praised Mai's creative focus, adding that he "can't wait" for everyone to be able to hear what she's been whipping up for her full-length studio debut.

According to Mai, the feeling of inking the 10 Summers deal still remains surreal. "I hoped that the videos would do something for me but I didn't know that it would go this far," Mai told Hypebae in May. "Everything happened really quickly afterward."

As for "Boo'd Up," a track Mai originally released in 2017 but didn't see become a full-blown hit until year, the song's chorus was ingeniously crafted to loosely mimic the sound of a human heart beating. "It's the closest we could get it to the sound of a heartbeat, so the badoo boodup, and if you think about the heartbeat like 'badoom, badoom, aadoo badoom' type of thing," she explained to Genius.

With that in mind, revisit the highly accomplished remix later.

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