Cardi B Initially Thought She Was ‘Going to Jail’ Over Vegas Mic Toss: ‘I Felt Very Violated’

Amid her "Bongos" promo run, Cardi B looked back on throwing a mic into the crowd during a performance in Vegas earlier this year.

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Happy “Bongos” Day to all who celebrate.

Friday, Cardi B rolled out her and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” follow-up, naturally resulting in an everywhere-all-at-once promo run including a stop at The Breakfast Club. About 22 minutes into the interview, Cardi was asked whether she regretted throwing a mic into the crowd during a Las Vegas performance back in July.

"It was really, like, a quick reaction," Cardi said on Friday. "And let me tell you motherfuckers, I didn’t wanna address it because I thought [I] was going to jail but I’m not."

As Cardi recalled, it was "hot as fuck" on the day in question, resulting in her asking the crowd to gently splash her with water earlier into her set.

"It was hotter than a motherfucker," she said. "There was a part of the show that I told people, you know, 'splash me.' But even when I told people 'splash me,' I was like, 'be careful with the face.'"

According to Cardi, the mic toss was spurred “fucking four songs after,” or roughly “15 or 20 minutes” after the splash segment.

“This bitch threw water and ice on my face so I just automatically reacted,” Cardi recalled. “I didn’t even know that I was throwing it at that direction. I just threw the shit because it’s like, bitch, you hit me right in my face. And when I look at the video it’s like, nah, you intended to throw that shit in my face.”

Elaborating further, Cardi pointed out that nothing hit her face when she requested a gentle splashing several songs earlier in the set.

“I felt very violated,” she added.

When Charlamagne pushed back by calling the woman in question a “fan,” Cardi disagreed.

“[She] was just trying to be funny, but hahaha bitch, I’m hilarious,” she joked.

After the mic-tossing moment, the actual mic used by Cardi in Vegas landed on eBay with proceeds set to be put toward the Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project charities. However, shortly after a winning bid of nearly $100,000 was reported, the seller revealed that whoever placed that bid ultimately failed to make good on the purchase.

More recently, 50 Cent made headlines thanks to a mic-related incident of his own, albeit under very different circumstances.

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