Cardi B to Perform Free Show at Whatever College Has Most Right Swipes on Tinder

What would be the Christian Mingle equivalent of this contest?

Image via Getty/Christopher Polk/iHeartMedia

Swiping right is only encouraged if you're down with extended bouts of human interaction, which sounds laborious, but perhaps it's worth it if you stand to gain a free Cardi B show.

"Dear bollege students, me and Tinder have teamed up for the Swipe Off contest," Cardi B announced Tuesday. "So, colleges, come on now. Sign up for Tinder! The one with the most right swipes wins." The competition, open to select universities in the U.S., kicks off this Friday and runs through April 17.

The swiping showdown has been divided into a series of matches, starting with 64 different schools March 30. The final match between the two schools left standing starts April 13, with the winner announcement following shortly after on April 18. Cardi B will then bring the Invasion of Privacy experience to the right-swipingest school April 25.


At the top of this week, Cardi finally let us in on the name and release date for her debut studio album:

Annoyingly, this announcement was immediately met with fake tracklists going viral and album sales predictions. These are two things Cardi wants nowhere near her art. "Please STOP!" she told the world Tuesday. "I'm already having bad anxiety. Let the shit drop and do what it do."

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