Cardi B Seemingly Suggests She’s Considering Backing Off Multimillion-Dollar Win in Tasha K Defamation Case

Earlier this year, a court upheld Cardi's win, followed several months later by Tasha K reportedly proposing a payment plan.

cardi b on red carpet
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cardi b on red carpet

Cardi B has seemingly hinted at considering a change of course when it comes to the multimillion-dollar defamation verdict against Tasha K.

In a recent Twitter Spaces discussion, per a report from TMZ, Cardi appeared to reference a recent video update from Tasha K in which the gossip blogger emotionally recalled having “aided in” the world “tearing [Cardi] down.”

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In the same video, Tasha K mentioned Cardi’s recent tweet about wanting to “put a bullet in my head.” As previously reported, Cardi later explained that tweet and those surrounding it as having been caused by her feeling “very overwhelmed” at the time.

"It don’t make me happy seeing somebody else going through some shit," Cardi said on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday night. "It don’t make me happy seeing people with tears on their face. And I’m not telling this because I want y’all thinking, 'Oh Cardi, you’re so nice,' this and that. It just genuinely doesn’t make me happy."

To be clear, the audio rip from Twitter Spaces that's been making the rounds does not see Cardi directly mentioning Tasha K or the defamation verdict. In fact, Cardi is not heard naming who or what she's discussing.

In the same clip, Cardi says she’s not going to talk to her friends, fans, or Offset about the unspecified issue. Instead, she’s going to speak with her mother about it.

“I’m gonna talk to my mom tomorrow because, let me tell you something, I could tell when somebody is depressed,” she added. “I can tell when somebody is going through some shit and I can tell when somebody just feels like they don’t have nobody to talk to.”

In March, a court upheld the $4 million defamation verdict against Tasha K, who had made multiple unfounded claims about Cardi on YouTube. Several months later, Tasha K was reported to have proposed a payment plan to settle the case.

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