Cardi B on Her and Offset's Baby: 'I'm a Shmillionaire and I'm Prepared for This'

Cardi joins 'The Breakfast Club' team for a 45-minute discussion on the baby, the album, and her meteoric rise.

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Cardi B, a.k.a. the person who should be hosting The Tonight Show every damn night, gifted The Breakfast Club with a 45-minute discussion Tuesday morning.

Right out of the gate, Cardi fielded questions about her recently announced pregnancy. Asked to name which excited her most about last week, the release of Invasion of Privacy or the baby announcement, Cardi explained that both resulted in a different kind of relief. "The baby thing, it was also a relief but it's something that was, like, nerve-wracking, you know?" she said. "Trying to hide it, but not even just trying to hide it. But it's just, like, what people will say. I don't know why it makes me sensitive. It makes me too sensitive."

Elaborating further, Cardi said she wanted to make sure that anyone who invested time and strength into her career wouldn't feel disappointed by her decision to have a baby. "It's just like, OK, I'm pregnant but I have a game plan," she said. "I just wanted to show people, not the critics, mostly the people around me, the people I work with. It's, like, y'all gonna have a job still."


At the 2:40 mark, Charlamagne straight up asked Cardi if she recalled the exact moment she got her "club shot up." Cardi then noted that she has a pretty solid educated guess. "That one night," she said. "It had to be that night, you know what I'm saying?" Though Cardi "kinda sorta" considered not having the baby, she ultimately decided that she didn't want to wait until her 30s to have a kid. "I'm a grown woman," she said. "I'm 25 years old [and] I'm going to say this in the most humblest way, I'm a shmillionaire and I'm prepared for this."

Later in the interview, Cardi revealed how she told Offset about the pregnancy and broke down how the demand created by "Bodak Yellow" ultimately resulted in the delay of Invasion of Privacy. "I'm competing with time and I'm competing with my body," she said around the six-minute mark. See the full interview up top, then join me in hoping like hell that Phlegmy Gallons is permanently replaced on TheTonight Show by Cardi B.

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