Premiere: Ashnikko Recruits Avelino For New Track "Bubblegum"

Produced by Raf Riley.




From North Carolina to London via Northern Europe, Ashnikko has travelled a fairly odd path to get here today and, now that she's arrived, it's evident the pop-leaning emcee's intent is to make as much noise as possible. Striking headlines last month with her anti-Trump tune, "Please Don't Grab My Pussy", today sees her unveil music in a much more light-hearted fashion, connecting with north London rapper Avelino for new song "Bubblegum".

Raf Riley—a close collaborator of both artists—lays down a crisp production of rattling drums, with the banger's bubblegum element provided by shimmering synths. Ashnikko takes charge with a burst of playful energy, and makes way for Avelino's whirlwind of wordplay and wit. Ashnikko tells Complex: "This song is intended to give the listener a colourful mental visual as they listen. Bubblegum pink is the colour of your tongue and your insides, both sexual and morbid, so, I hope you enjoy." 

UPDATE (April 4): The official viddeo has just landed.

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