Wack 100 Says J. Prince Is Clout Chasing After Posting Photo With Quality Control

Wack 100 has accused J. Prince of clout chasing after the music executive posted a photo of him with Quality Control co-founder and CEO Pierre “P” Thomas.

Split image of Wack 100 and J Prince

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

Split image of Wack 100 and J Prince

Wack 100 clearly doesn’t care for J. Prince.

Wack took to his Instagram on Wednesday to call out Prince for “clout chasing.” Earlier on Wednesday, Prince had posted a photo of him with Quality Control co-founder and CEO Pierre “P” Thomas and Larry Hoover affiliate Johnny “Crusher” Jackson, alongside the caption, “Congratulations to both of the homies that are making big moves where they’re from Chicago and Atlanta. Keep doin what you doin the real recognize the real.”

However, it seems that those photos are old—and Wack 100 provided clarity, writing, “Clout chasing at its finest.” He continued, “Don’t post this like it’s good. This pic was took in 2021 when it was good, not four hours ago, more like 18 months ago.”

Wack then shared a screenshot of Crusher posting a similar photo—seemingly from the same day—to his IG on Oct. 24, 2021.

Wack recently called out Prince in early February when the music exec implied that he helped out Cardi B and Offset in Los Angeles in 2018 when she was getting gang threats. “That n***a lying,” Wack wrote in the comment section of DJ Akademiks’ IG post. “We covered for [Cardi B] that weekend… [J. Prince] you’re all cap why are you letting the man know this man had a problem with you & you heard this in the streets!”

Cardi called Prince’s comments a “bunch of fairy tales.”

Prince and Offset were also trading shots online following Takeoff’s death, after Prince made negative comments about Set’s relationship with the Migos rapper. “Y’all n****s speaking on my real brother,” Offset responded in a since-deleted Instagram post. “How dare one of y’all n****s even speak on me and Take relationship.”

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