Video Shows Diddy and Justin Combs Checking Out Cam'ron's Sex Enhancement Supplement

Cam'ron shared an Instagram video of Diddy and Justin Combs checking out the Dipset rapper's sex enhancement supplement called Pink Horse Power.

Image of Diddy and Camron with Pink Horse Power

Image via Instagram

Image of Diddy and Camron with Pink Horse Power

Diddy and Justin Combs sampled Cam’ron’s sex enhancement supplement, a father-son bonding moment that was of course documented for social media. 

“Check this out, we here right now. Harlem’s own in the house … Pink Horse Power. What does it do, Cam?” Diddy says in an Instagram clip posted by Killa Cam showing the father-and-son duo trying Pink Horse Power.

“I can’t tell you exactly what it do, but you gon’ have a lot of fun with your ladies, baby,” Cam responds. “I guarantee you that, for a fact.”

The video shows Diddy attempting to open the jar of pink-colored liquid but having some trouble. When Justin also has issues opening it, someone else gives them an open jar of the libido drink. “Uh oh. That’s that shit when you can’t open the top, so you know it’s that work,” Diddy says. “It’s sealed. If you know the children can’t get to it.”

The video stops before we see either of them downing the Pink Horse Power, which is supposed to “empower a man’s sexual intimacy by helping to improve stamina and libido,” per its website

Last year, Cam’ron claimed that his pink drink helped ASAP Rocky impregnate Rihanna. In a IG post from last February, the Dipset rapper shared a clip of Rocky drinking a jar of Pink Horse Power, supposedly from October 2021, alongside the couple’s pregnancy announcement in February 2022.

“I’m just saying. Check da dates,” he wrote. “Congrats to Flocko and da Sis RiRi. Welcome to Harlem!!!”

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