Baby Rose Drops Video for "I Won't Tell" f/ Smino, Announces New Album 'Through and Through'

Baby Rose shared her new single and music video for "I Won't Tell," featuring Smino. She also announced the release date for her album 'Through and Through.'

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Baby Rose has shared her new song and accompanying music video for “I Won’t Tell,” featuring Smino. She also announced her sophomore album Through and Through via Secretly.

Directed by Audrey Ellis Fox, the “I Won’t Tell” short film stars Baby Rose and her posse gearing up for a heist that eventually goes awry. 

“‘I Won’t Tell’ is a fun record that came out of a sleepless night in LA jamming with friends,” the singer said of the song in a press release. “It was 4 AM when we started on it and with our inhibitions gone, a magic surfaced that allowed us to just flow. When I began to write it out, I wanted to embrace my own chaos, my shadows. Then Smino slid into it effortlessly and that’s just what this song is, effortless. He’s one of my favorite artists because he’s authentically him and you can’t pin him down to any box.”

Baby Rose also shared the new single “Paranoid,” which appears at the end of the film. Meanwhile, Through and Through arrives April 28.

Watch the “I Won’t Tell” video up top.

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