Zach Zoya Shares Long-Awaited ‘No Love Is Ever Wasted’ EP With Video for “Upper Hand” f/ Soran

On top of releasing 'No Love is Ever Wasted,' Zach Zoya has also shared the music video for "Upper Hand" featuring long-time collaborator Soran.

Zach Zoya in a white hoodie, looking up to his right

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Zach Zoya in a white hoodie, looking up to his right

The captivating singles leading up to No Love is Ever Wasted have shown Zach Zoya reaching new heights with his songwriting. Now that his sophomore EP is out, the Montreal R&B artist has proven those tracks weren’t mere flukes. 

To celebrate today’s release, Zoya has also gifted us with the contemplative music video for “Upper Hand,” featuring his long-time friend and collaborator Soran

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On No Love is Ever Wasted, Zoya becomes more acquainted with his knack for writing R&B-inflicted pop tracks that reflect on matters of the heart. “Music is my outlet to be vulnerable and it can be a very emotional thing,” says Zoya. “These songs are contemplations on the decisions I’ve made and the consequences that have come with them. For this project, I challenged myself to express my vulnerability in the most accessible way I could, so I took the layers off my lyrics and explored more pop and R&B melodies and man, writing catchy pop songs with direct, relatable lyrics is a real skill.”

“I tend to battle with the feeling of wasted time,” he continues. “This EP is a message to myself. It’s a reminder that even if goals or relationships aren’t fully realized, the passion that goes into those experiences is valuable. That’s where the lessons are.”

Leading up to the EP, Zoya shared “Smoke & Dance” and the Soran-backed “Strangers in the House.”

Watch the music video for “Upper Hand” above, and listen to No Love is Ever Wasted  in its entirety below.


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