KILLY Releases NFT to Unveil Name and Artwork for New Single

Toronto rapper KILLY will release the name and artwork for his upcoming single as an NFT. The 25 copies released are being bidded for on Rarible.




Toronto rapper KILLY has just released a non-fungible token (NFT) that unlocks the title and cover art of his new track. 

Called “HYPER RARE DEMON FACE,” the NFT is currently accepting bids via Rareable. Only 25 copies will be released to buyers.

An NFT is a unique unit of cryptocurrency that gives artists, creators, and buyers outright digital ownership of anything and everything, from one of a kind digital sneakers to sports highlight videos. With this, creators can sell, share, or transfer ownership of their art to as many people as they’d like. 

Many musicians have been tapping into the NFT market this year, with Kings of Leon announcing they’d be the first band to release an album via the format earlier this week. However, they were beaten out by Belave, who released their album as an NFT a mere 36 hours before Kings of Leon were set to release theirs. 

At the time of writing, the name and album art for KILLY’s new single have not been publicly released.

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