Kanye Tweets About 'Hero' Emma González, Who Responds With James Shaw Jr. Tribute

It's been a big week for Kanye's Twitter.

Kanye West's Twitter has been all over the place this week. Earlier in the week, he caught heat for a pro-Trump rant that claimed he and the president both had "dragon energy." Then, he dropped his promised track "Lift Yourself," which turned out to be a joke consisting of lyrics like "Woopdity scoop, scoopity woop." And in the midst of all that, he found time to throw in a tribute to Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma González. 

"My hero Emma Gonzalez," he captioned a picture of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student. 

my hero James Shaw Jr. pic.twitter.com/BRnuYEURdv

— X González (@callmeX) April 29, 2018

Then, he shared a photo of himself with a shaved head resembling González's, writing, "Inspired by Emma."

González seemed to notice the gesture, because she followed suit and shared a photo of her own "hero": James Shaw Jr., who stopped the recent Tennessee Waffle House shooting by tackling and disarming the gunman then raised $165,000 for the victims' families. 

By then, though, Kanye had moved on to tweeting a Smokepurpp remix of "Lift Yourself," clarifying that it was not "a diss to J. Cole."  What a week it's been.

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