Why Chuck Inglish Is Calling Rick Ross a Hypocrite Over Birdman Beef

Chuck Inglish has put Rick Ross on blast over a beat placement.

chuck at highline

Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids performs at Highline Ballroom on November 3, 2017 in New York City.

chuck at highline

Over the past week or so, the talk of the hip-hop world has been accusations from prominent producers that they are underpaid—or sometimes not paid at all—for songs that are supposed to be on mixtapes rather than retail albums, even when those same tracks end up on album or become giant hits. 

Produced E. Dan was the first to raise the issue, saying Atlantic offered him half his normal rate for a Wiz Khalifa song they said would appear on what the label called a "street album." Then TM88 followed up, saying he "never got paid" for producing Lil Uzi Vert's giant hit "XO Tour Llif3."

The latest producer to go public with a similar complaint is Chuck Inglish. The Cool Kids member shared his story on Twitter early Monday morning. He began by saying that he finds Rick Ross' shots at Birdman for not paying producers in the Bawse's song and video "Idols Become Rivals" hypocritical.

"Hard to hear Ross press Birdman about paying producers when I never saw a cent from them for 'Party Heart," he wrote. "None of you niggas pay ur producers."

I’m gon keep it a stack.

Hard to hear Ross press Birdman about paying producers.

When I never saw a cent from them for Party Heart.

Just keep it level..

none of you niggas pay ur producers

"Party Heart" is a track on, you guessed it, a mixtape—namely, Stalley's 2012 project Savage Journey to the American Dream. The song, released when Stalley was a part of Ross' Maybach Music Group (he left last year), actually features Ross. 

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