Usher Performs "Crash" in Super Slow Motion on 'The Tonight Show'

Usher performed his new track “Crash” on ‘The Tonight Show.'

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Usher took to the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night to sing his latest single, "Crash." Anticipation was high for the singer's performance, with the show's host tweeting hours before the broadcast that it would be a game-changer.

"Crash" was released in June. Usher dropped the Master P-inspired "No Limit," which featured Young Thug, at the same time.

The singer's long-awaited upcoming album, Flawed, does not have a release date. Usher told Billboard why the release date has fluctuated in recent months. "I like to release music the way I feel it," he said, "as opposed to having a date."

During his Tonight Show performance, Usher appeared to be moving in slow motion, which delighted fans.

The performance left fans wondering and guessing about how it was done.

Usher was joined on the show by Will Smith, who kept practicing his walk-on until he got it down perfectly. Check out the "Crash" performance in the clip above.

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