Kid Cudi Checks Into Rehab for Depression, Shares Message for Fans

Kid Cudi checks himself into rehab, and tells his fans why.

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On Tuesday night, Kid Cudi posted on Facebook that he has checked himself into "rehab for depression and suicidal urges."

He told fans that "anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it... I dont trust anyone because of it and Im tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace. I deserve to be happy and smiling."

Cudi acknowledged that he wouldn't be around to promote his upcoming releases (his upcoming album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' recently had its release delayed due to sample clearance issues). "The album is still on the way," he promised, adding that he also still hopes to perform at ComplexCon on Nov. 5. "I'll be looking forward to seeing you all there for high fives and hugs."

He closed with an apology and good wishes for the fans:

Love and light to everyone who has love for me and I am sorry if I let anyone down. I really am sorry. Ill be back, stronger, better. Reborn. I feel like shit, I feel so ashamed. Im sorry.

Cudi's full statement is below.


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