Kanye West Responds to Kid Cudi

Kanye West stopped in the middle of a concert on Wednesday night to respond to Kid Cudi.

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Kanye West abruptly stopped in the middle of his concert at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. on Wednesday night to respond to Kid Cudi's comments from earlier in the day.

In a series of tweets, Cudi took aim at "haters within the industry" who he was going to "crush." "Everyone thinks they're so great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them," he tweeted. Cudi continued:

"Kid Cudi, don't ever mention 'Ye name. I birthed you. We all dealing with that emo shit all the time; me, Pat, Don C. Don't ever mention 'Ye name. Don't try to say who I can do songs with. You mad 'cause I'm doing songs with Drake. Ain't nobody telling 'Ye who to do songs with. Respect the God!"

While performing "I Don't Like," Kanye stopped to speak on Cudi's earlier tweet storm and its relation to his much-talked-about upcoming Drake collaborations.

"You know how many people wish they could be signed to G.O.O.D. Music, get they life changed? Have that opportunity? Never forget that. I'm so hurt. I feel so disrespected. Kid Cudi, we're two black men in a racist world. I wore skinny jeans first. I got called names before you, bruh. Why y'all got to come at me? This ain't the end of the Malcolm X movie. I'm out here fighting for y'all: creatives, artists, independent thinkers. Don’t never mention my name in a bad manner. None of y’all!”

That wasn't all Kanye had to say:

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