Dap Does a Surprise Collab With Mark Ronson and Ken Scott at Abbey Road Studios

Up and coming Providence, RI musician Dap teams up with Mark Ronson and legendary producer

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Nowadays collaborating on music often means sending tracks back and forth electronically, refining via email until you arrive at a final product. There’s nothing inherently negative about this workflow—some of your favorite tracks were most likely created this way—but nothing beats getting into a real studio and working hands-on with another creative human being. Collaboration in a studio allows for real time feedback, advice, and improvisation. The folks over at Converse realize the importance of this kind of collaboration and have launched a program to give six up-and-coming artists access to iconic studios all around the world, while simultaneously pairing them with established musicians and producers.

In the case of Nigerian-born classically trained pianist and emcee Dap, the studio is Abbey Road, and his surprise collaborators are Mark Ronson and the legendary Ken Scott.

Ronson needs no introduction, and if you’re unfamiliar with Scott, I can guarantee you know his work. Allow me to do your googles for you: the guy—ahem, legend—has been an in-house producer at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London for decades and has worked with everyone from The Beatles to David Bowie to Pink Floyd. Ya know, just to name a few, nbd.

Complex NEWS traveled to London to document the collaboration. 

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