Taylor Swift Wants to Trademark the Year 1989

Taylor being Taylor.

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After claiming stakes on the phrase "this sick beat" earlier this year, Taylor Swift is now attempting to trademark "1989." Yes, you read that right. 1989, as in the nine hundred eighty-ninth Gregorian year of the second millennium, could soon very well be Swiftian property. Granted, she can only legally do this under an aesthetical guise; that is to say, she wants to protect the year as stylized in a way that's synonymous with her brand. To what degree this can be interpreted is unclear.

BBC reports that Taylor filed the request with the US Patent and Trademark Office on Dec. 3, alongside requests for the song title "Blank Space" and the lyric "...and I'll write your name." In keeping with the holiday spirit, she also submitted "Swiftmas" for trademark. None of the requests have been approved thus far, but we'll keep you posted on the status of Taylor's pursuits.

In the meantime, enjoy the color red and the city of New York while they're still public domain.

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