Ranking All of Vince Staples’ Projects

Vince Staples has quietly been dropping albums and mixtapes at a prolific rate. Here is a ranking of all of Vince’s projects since his debut in 2011.

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No one does “the gray area” quite like Vince Staples

He doesn’t condone gang violence, but he’s never been completely above it. He’s not extremely online, but he’s one of the funniest rappers on Twitter. He demands privacy, but he made a Netflix show loosely based on his own life. He’s got the hipster appeal of an indie artist, but he’s been signed to a major label for a decade. He’s not exactly a superstar, but he’s had his own Acura commercial. He’s private and public—stoic, and hilarious. It’s a push-pull energy that’s helped make him one of the most compelling rappers of the last decade. It’s also made him difficult to classify, with fans trying to do so since hearing his breakout verse on Earl Sweatshirt’s “HIVE” over a decade ago. He’s difficult to label, and rating his albums can be just as hard. 

While he doesn’t match the machine-like pace of a Gucci Mane or Future, Vince has quietly been dropping at a prolific rate; he’s unloaded 12 projects dating back to 2011’s Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1. Through it all, Vince has created with an innovator’s curiosity and a perfectionist’s meticulousness, adding dimensions to his sound—and pieces of himself—with each new release. With the release of his latest album, Dark Times, we thought we would take a look at his entire catalog. 

Here is our ranking of Vince Staples’ best projects from worst to best.

12. Winter in Prague (2012)

11. Shyne Coldchain (2011)

10. Prima Donna (2016)

9. FM! (2018)

8. Vince Staples (2021)

7. Stolen Youth (2013)

6. Hell Can Wait (2014)

5. Dark Times (2024)

4. Shyne Coldchain 2 (2014)

3. Ramona Park Broke My Heart (2022)

2. Big Fish Theory (2017)

1. Summertime '06 (2015)

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