Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri Doesn’t Know Takeoff Is a Migos Member

Siri also might think Takeoff got left off "Bad and Boujee."

Image via Getty/Thaddaeus McAdams

Apple isn’t having a particularly good week in terms of public relations. After being dragged for throttling users CPU speeds on older iPhone models, the tech giant took another L Friday when a Reddit user discovered Siri couldn’t identify all three members of Migos.

In a thread entitled “SMH: Siri disrespecting Takeoff,” Reddit user isaiahskrtskrt pointed out Siri’s glaring omission with some visual proof.

Upon asking Siri “Who are the members of Migos?” the voice enabled personal assistant responded with, “The members of Migos are Quavo and Offset.”

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YouTube user JumpmanGerm also included a brief video showing Siri’s foible, which you can view above. Siri presumably has access to a basic Wikipedia function, so it’s somewhat puzzling that she doesn’t know all of the members who created one of 2017’s chart-topping songs. You can definitely find Migos on Apple Music and iTunes, so there would seem to be somewhat of a disconnect in the Apple universe as it relates to Siri being unfamiliar with Takeoff.

I asked Siri “Who is Takeoff?” and this happened

Unfortunately, at press time, the results aren’t any more accurate when you individually ask Siri, “Who is Takeoff?”

The result yields the 2017 drama Take Off starring Parvathy and Fahadh Faasil. Apple might want to update Siri’s knowledge base as soon as possible, because everyone knows how Takeoff feels about the perception that he has been intentionally omitted from something.

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