Jocelyn Savage’s Mother on R. Kelly Cult Claims: ‘He Doesn’t Let Them Get Away’

In a new interview with V-103's Ryan Cameron, the Savage family doubles down on claims R. Kelly is holding their daughter in a cult.

As R. Kelly continues his The Afterparty Tour, fallout continues from allegations of the multiplatinum singer keeping women in a cult away from their friends and families. The accusations stem from a July 17 story by Jim DeRogatis published in Buzzfeed. DeRogatis claimed concerned parents were notifying authorities that Kelly housed their daughters in various residences and “controls every aspect of their lives.” 

A 22-year-old woman identified as Jocelyn Savage has emerged as the most prominent member of the alleged harem, after providing an interview with TMZ denying the claims and defending Kelly.

Members of Savage’s family recently doubled down on their claims during an interview with Ryan Cameron of Atlanta-based radio station V-103. They also added some rather bizarre and graphic accusations to the mix.

“One of the things I know he had them do is cut their middle fingernail off—the one you shoot the bird with—and he has them apply that up his rectum,” Jocelyn's father, Tim Savage said. His comments can be found at the 15:45 mark of the video above.

Savage says he’s attempted to contact Kelly upwards of 60 times. Jocelyn’s younger sister Jai told Cameron that her sibling refused to visit the family’s dying grandfather or attend his funeral, instead opting to stay with Kelly.

“He doesn’t let them get away,” Joycelyn’s mother, Jonjelyn Savage, said. “He basically isolates them from the world.”

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Kelly has vehemently denied the allegations, stating he intends to seek legal representation. He released a video via Twitter, referring to the cult claims as “a bunch of crap” while indicating the East Coast leg of his tour will continue.

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