Kodak Black Flexes His New Crib on Instagram

Kodak Black opted for an 'MTV Cribs'-inspired makeover that has him working on his golf game and plotting purchasing a shark.

After an up and down 2016, Kodak Black is kicking off the new year with a new purchase. Roughly a month after posting a series of Instagram pictures featuring some stomach-turning items from his post-jail diet, Kodak shared pictures of a new residence.

“Yeah man…new year, new crib. New money,” Kodak said, as he posted an MTV Cribs-inspired tour of his new home. The upgraded living space boasts a two-car garage, multiple rooms for the family, a movie room, and plenty of flat screen televisions. While previously under house arrest, Kodak shared a pic of a makeshift recording space in a closet. The new space where he’ll be vibing looks considerably plusher. There are also some accommodations for cohabitation.

“Got a see through shower so my little baby can take a see through shower and I can see her,” Kodak added. Eye-pleasing scenery sits adjacent to the new crib, thanks to what appears to be a golf course and an in-ground pool. 

Perhaps what Kodak is calling his “new honey comb” will inspire some new music for 2017. It appears he may have to drop the moniker “Project baby.”

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