Everyone Is Comparing the Uncut Version of YG's "Pop It, Shake It" Video to Nelly's "Tip Drill"

Nelly's 2003 song, "Tip Drill," is trending on Twitter thanks to YG, who just released the uncut version of his "Pop It, Shake It" video.

Image via YouTube/WordStarHipHop

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube/WordStarHipHop

Were you confused to wake up on Saturday to find Nelly's 2003 song, "Tip Drill," trending on Twitter? You weren't alone. Thousands of Twitter users were talking about the song early Saturday, and it's all because YG decided to drop the uncut visuals for his DJ Mustard-assisted single, "Pop It, Shake It," on WorldStarHipHop on Friday night. The YG video, which features a bunch of scantily clad and, some are arguing, objectified women, started drawing comparisons to Nelly's 2003 "Tip Drill" video almost immediately.

Twitter users were clearly divided on the video. Some praised YG for creating a song and video that references both the chorus and visual aesthetic of "Tip Drill," while others were of the opinion that Nelly’s version stands alone.

Tip drill needs to be put in a time capsule so future humans or whatever can find it and enjoy it as much as we did!
That YG video just as live as Tip Drill idc what anybody say...Tip Drill just got one thing on it which was the credit card moment
@iiBreakNecks @CajunPeachy This generations Tip Drill is Tip Drill pic.twitter.com/xGDBRKRDBq
*Gets on Twitter & sees a wannabe Tip Drill trending* pic.twitter.com/Xf4s06koH1

Given that "Tip Drill" may be older than some of the viewers streaming it on YouTube and WorldStar right now, perhaps a bit of background is needed here. Nelly’s original version of "E.I." spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as Nelly's debut album, Country Grammar, went double platinum within three months of its release. "Tip Drill" was a remix of "E.I." which featured Nelly and the St. Lunatics doubling down on lewdness with a flock of women. The video spawned one of the most infamous animated GIFs of all time and could only be played on BET’s Uncut.

The blatant objectification of women in Nelly's clip caused so much controversy that a bone marrow drive Nelly was planning to hold at the historically black Spelman College was canceled amid protests by the Spelman Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. After his sister, Jacqueline Donahue, lost her battle to leukemia in 2005, Nelly was upset over the protest and said his sister was robbed of a potential bone marrow transplant match after the drive was canceled.

We suspect YG's video won't create that level of controversy, but it clearly has people talking about "Tip Drill" again. If you want to see what all the Twitter fuss is about, you can watch YG's video below, though we should warn you that it is definitely NSFW.

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