Watch Chance the Rapper With His Daughter and Catch All the Feels

Chance the rapper walked back some of that talk about no one ever seeing his daughter with some intimate photos.

On Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam,” Chance the Rapper made his stance on sharing information about his daughter pretty clear. He rhymed, “I been this way since Arthur was anteater/Now they wanna hit me with the woo wap, the bam/Tryna snap photos of familia/My daughter look just like Sia, you can’t see her…”

It would seem he’s walking back those statements, as his Instagram feed shows a series of intimate photos and videos with his daughter, Kensli. Instagram was also Chance’s forum of choice to announce the birth of his daughter back in September of 2015, although he made an understated announcement would be “more appropriate and fatherly.”

The current posts feature Chance doting over his daughter playing the harmonica, preparing to formulate what appear to be her first words, and meeting President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

“This is the girl who reintroduced me to God,” Chance wrote in the caption of one photo. “She’s the woman who reminded me how to be a man, and taught me how to love. She is everything I am but much better. I can’t wait for her to one day help the world the way she has helped me.”

His missed Australian headlining show aside, it appears Chance is enjoying 2017, so far. He also shared some sentiments about parenting.

“We are the chosen few, the responsibility is heavy but duty is an honor,” Chance wrote in another caption. “Mothers better know it ain’t one thing in this world we can [do] without you.”

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