Was CeeLo Green the Latest Victim of Samsung's Exploding Galaxy Note 7?

CeeLo Green appeared to be in bad shape after a video surfaced of his phone exploding on him.

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CeeLo Green appeared to be injured as a result of an exploding smartphone. Footage of the musician surfaced online Saturday, displaying Green briefly talking on his phone before being rendered motionless and dropping to the floor of a recording studio.

The clip shows a meeting among a group of people in a recording studio and features a figure who appears to be Green. The subject of the video swipes the screen of his phone before beginning a short conversation. Midway through the conversation, the phone explodes and emits smoke. 

While it is unknown what brand of phone Green was using, a massive recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made headlines earlier this year after the popular smartphone began exploding during use. Nearly 2.5 million of the popular devices were recalled after the company acknowledged several incidents of external damage. Samsung then released a statement noting no confirmed cases of internal battery failures among the nearly 10 million smartphones in circulation.

It should be noted that while the figure does resemble CeeLo, no one, including CeeLo himself, has confirmed the identity of the figure captured on the video. In the meantime, the twitter account responsible for initially posting the video, @iamphillychase, has been suspended. The since suspended account is linked to Philadelphia rapper Philly Chase, who has previously recorded with onetime Major Figgas member Gillie da Kid.

Representatives for CeeLo Green did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.

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